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The Inspiring Clock

6 Jul

It’s my ageing clock that I had bought it before I went to Cental Kalimantan in Oktober 2003. Early October, I had been at the capital for a week to sign a job contract with a agribussines company namely AAL. I lived in the Purimega hotel six days longer because of a flight delay that served only the route Semarang – Pangkalan Bun (Central Kalimantan). In order to spend my waste time I looked for a nearest shopping center, that was Orion Plaza. For the first time in my life, I rode bajjaj, a trike vehicle where it became a famous carrier in the Jakarta Asian Games when Bung Karno ruled. In Orion, I found a charming clock with Seiko brand. I thought I needed a waker clock to wake me up keeping my work ethics. I was interested Seiko brand because I often saw the clock on TV advertisement before a news program entered 09.00 pm.

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