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The Netbook of Axioo Pico

7 Jul

That’s my netbook I had bought at Cellcom, a most complete computer store in this town, in January 2009. I was interested to own it because of the trendsetter in recent portable notebook that notebook is more portable, lightweight, energy saving. and compact so it was called netbook. In this segment Intel attended lonely while AMD struggle to achieve its market share in the mainstream notebook. Intel atom had dominated releasing N series and most IT vendors manufactured their netbook with this processor. I chosen Axioo because of its lowest price. The weight was about 1 Kg so I carried it easily on a hand. For office jobs, pico is enough proudly but in order to play graphic function such as video editing it is so calm. In other hand netbook isn’t designed for it. I have been using my pico to do my office jobs and internet activities such as bolgging, browsing, downloading, email, FB, etc.


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