Malang City

7 Jul

In August 2006 I visited my college, it was Brawijaya University. My later visiting was in December 2004. I got in the lecture building. I remembered that I often sitted on ladders while I read a newspaper waiting for the lector. Everyday I bought cakes in front of it wether the cake seller provide Jawapos or Kompas to read.
I was waiting for the most delicious soto lamongan in Malang city. I saw a emblem indicated the resto had been serving the clients since 1972. My mother had told me that she wanted to eat its soto lamongan while she was pregnant. One day later I came back to the resto to eat it again.
The biggest store book in Malang city, Gramedia. it was crowded where visitors and buyers walked around. Its location was very good in the center of city.

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